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Wandering (Suranne + Any)

Suranne drew a deep breath and realized she was going stir crazy. She needed to get out of the flat and explore a little beyond the neighborhood, so she gathered her purse, slipped on comfortable shoes, and headed downstairs. She hailed a cab and headed back down to where most of the cherry blossoms were found blooming. 

Ducking into a coffee shop, she ordered herself an iced tea before heading back out and wandering through the beauty of the blossoming trees. She noticed someone standing on the street corner and approached slowly, smiling gently.

"Beautiful, aren’t they?" she asked softly, looking up at the flowers.

Wi-fi-less coffee shop (Suranne+Arthur)



He couldn’t help the chuckle that came out when he heard what Suranne said about barely recognizing him. He wanted to give her a hug but instead he simply made his way to the table, Suranne following close behind him. He heard her question and nodded. “I don’t mind at all. You should know better than to ask that question” he said with a wink. He took a sip of his tea as he sat back in the chair and looked at her.

Arthur grinned. “I was actually investigating and exploring the city one day after I first got here and I stopped in here to get some coffee. I love the atmosphere here. Its relatively quiet and I love to people watch from that window over there” he said, pointing to a window across from where they were currently sitting. “What about you? How did you find this place?” he asked her, talking a sip of his tea.

Suranne smiled gratefully at the actor she’d come to know as a friend. Sliding into the seat across from him, she shrugged out of her jacket and placed it over the back of her seat before turning to pick up her tea cup, lifting it to her lips. She let out a small sigh of contentment as she listened to how Arthur discovered this shoppe.

"Oh, me? I actually just moved in to one of the flats upstairs. I’ve been enjoying exploring the neighborhood, and this coffee shoppe has almost become my home away from home," she laughed. "My boyfriend knows if he’s looking for me and I’m not home, to try finding me here," she said, a smile curling her lips as she lifted her shoulder in a shrug.

"Have you spoken to Karen recently? David?" she asked. She knew they both knew some of the same circle, so she wasn’t sure who he knew was in Vancouver, and who was still over in London. "And what have you been up to since I’ve last seen you? Seriously, Arthur, you’re looking really good," she smiled. She lifted a biscuit to her lips and took a bite, enjoying being able to catch up with her friend.

Drinks, Food and Apologies || David and Suranne



David froze when he felt Suranne’s hand on his and heard what she said. He and Paul hadn’t really been especially friendly after the chilly attempt the director made to get them to be friends but he was willing to try for Suranne’s sake and since they were playing best mates in the film. Not to mention he was a method actor to an extent and he was willing to go to certain lengths to play a character and he if Suranne was saying that Paul had been praising his performance then he would take the praise. “Tell him thanks and that the feeling is mutual” he said softly, squeezing her hand. He had missed this, the two of them talking and sharing their lives.

At the question about Anne, he nodded as he took a bite of the fries he had ordered for himself. He swallowed and smiled. “Sorry, um…yeah. She’s good I suppose. We have to work to plan dates since we haven’t really had many scenes together since Paris but she and I are good. I’ve asked her to move in a few months back but I’m sure she’s forgotten about that what with our schedules and such but I’m very happy and try to spend as much time with her as I can. She and Olive have taken to one another like a house on fire” he said and he flushed slightly as he realized that he was rambling. “Sorry, I’m rambling. How are things with Paul? That’s exciting about the baby. Do you want a boy or girl?” he asked softly.

Suranne smiled softly and nodded “i’ll pass that on to him tonight” she chuckled, slowly pulling her hand away so she could reach for her soda. She took a sip and listened as he spoke about Anne, and she saw that spark in his eye that she’d grown accustomed to whenever he spoke of Georgia when they filmed together. 

Hearing that he’d asked Anne to move in, she perked an eyebrow in surprise, but tried to relax, not wanting David to think it was upset surprise. “Did you now? I’m glad you’ve found someone you’re so comfortable with,” she smiled. “And, who’s comfortable with Olive. I know that’s important for you, that your girlfriend and your daughter get along.” A tiny pang pulled at her heart as she briefly thought that could have been her moving in with him, but she tried desperately to push that thought out of her mind.

Especially as David brought up Paul. 

"They’re well, very well, actually. I moved in with him recently," she said, not sure if he’d heard about that or not. "My agent keeps sending me scripts, though, trying to get me to film, but I’m trying to just take some time off, get ready for the baby and all… Is it bad that at this point I don’t know if I even want to go back?" she asked softly. She’d had the thought pulling at her mind for several weeks now, but she’d not had anyone she could actually talk to about it, objectively. 

Shaking her head no, she chuckled, “I just want a healthy baby with ten fingers and ten toes… who just happens to be a girl, maybe?” she laughed. It was true, no matter what, she just wanted a healthy baby, and she’d be happy, regardless if it was a boy or a girl.

Drinks, Food and Apologies || David and Suranne



He couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face when he saw her enter the pub and slide into the seat across from him. He grinned easily at her before he took a sip of the beer in front of him. “Remember, no judgey eyes tonight and I won’t give them to you” he said. He couldn’t help noticing the way that she looked, her whole essence and being just seemed to be glowing and he knew that this pregnancy had done her good, although at the same time he couldn’t help the stab of jealousy he felt at her being happy with someone else, although now it was dulled substantially by the fact that he had moved on and was happy himself.

He nodded as the waitress brought both their orders of food to the table and thanked her softly as she walked away, noticing the look of longing on her face as she assumed that they must be together he was sure. “I’ve been okay. Busy with this Casablanca project but good. How are you? Not too sick from the baby I hope” he said softly.

Suranne nodded in understanding as David spoke about Casablanca. “Yeah, I can imagine,” she said quietly. She drew a breath and shrugged “From what I hear though, it’s going to be an amazing production,” she smiled, reaching across the table to touch David’s hand. “Paul keeps telling me how great the scenes are with you,” she commented, a bright smile on her face.

Drawing a breath, she let a chuckled escape, “Not, not too sick, it comes and goes, now. They say I’m past the tough part.” She was now officially in her second trimester, which meant much less sickness, and it was funny the difference she felt in a week from throwing up almost constantly just 9 days ago to now, where she could actually enjoy the taste of food again. “We get to find out if it’s a boy or a girl in about 3 weeks,” she said with a shrug. 

"So how is Anne? You two still getting on well, I hope?" she asked, smiling. She kept hearing rumors from the set that he and Anne were nearly inseparable, and she couldn’t be happier for her friend. He truly deserved the happiness that was bestowed upon him now.

It’s a date! (Suranne+Paul)



It was a full life at the moment for both Paul and Suranne. So many things to get ready with moving in and then Casablanca shooting with him having to do pickups for “Arrow” whenever he was in town…it was busy. But he wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

He’d gotten Suranne’s text, wondering what she was up to. He rode the lift up to their floor, chuckling to himself. She was full of surprises and he was appreciating that about her more and more. He liked to take life as it came and it seemed like she was beginning to do the same. He was struck by the difference in her from when he first met her to now. It seemed like she was more at ease with herself, more comfortable living in her own skin. He liked seeing that, and knowing he had a small hand in it.

Whistling an Indian tune to himself as he entered the place they were both calling home now, he smiled when she came into the living room. “I did.” he murmured in response to her question. “What have you been plotting, Ms. Jones?”

"Who said I’ve been plotting?" she asked, trying to look as innocent as possible. "I swear, Paul, you always assume the worst in me," she said, but wasn’t able to hold the straight face. Chuckling, she lifted herself up onto her tip-toes and kissed him gently before murmuring, "I’m all packed, ready to go, just waiting for you."

Her hand caressed the scruff that always managed to find its way to his jaw every day, but she loved when he looked a little rough. She thought it might have had something to do with the fact he hadn’t shaved while they were in India, and therefore the scruff brought back memories to her, but she wasn’t sure. Regardless of why, she was content to enjoy it.

She shrugged off any inquiries of where they were going and simply said “If you hurry up and get ready, you’ll find out sooner.” She loved being able to be somewhat mysterious around him, regardless of what the end game was. She just liked to keep him on his toes.

  • Suranne: Hey, I think you should clear your schedule tonight, I'm feeling neglected ;)
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It’s a date! (Suranne+Paul)

Due to unpacking, Paul’s film schedule, and Suranne’s agent sending her script after script to read, the Jones&Blackthorne house had been busy since they moved in. So busy, in fact, the couple hadn’t had much time to actually enjoy being a couple.

Well, Suranne was going to change that tonight.

She knew the cherry blossoms had begun blooming downtown, and she figured Paul would want a chance to snap some photos of them. She texted him and suggested he clear his schedule for the evening, and spent the next couple of hours getting ready. She readied his camera bag and made sure there was a camera for her as well, before showering and getting dressed. She wanted to look nice for him, but still casual, so she donned a long skirt with comfortable shoes, as well as a button up which she tied over her stomach, which was starting to show signs of life inside.

Pinning her hair up off her shoulders, she put some makeup on, and was just spritzing some perfume on when Paul came in. She wandered out to meet him in the living room, leaning up to kiss him before murmuring “Did you get my text?”

Wi-fi-less coffee shop (Suranne+Any)



Arthur had been standing there, behind a dark hair young woman, just minding his own business and staring at the sign on the wall as he waited for his latte to be ready. He knew he really ought to be looking for a place to sit but he was fascinated by the decor on the walls of the coffee house. He jumped when he heard the voice beside him, not expecting it and he immediately turned and looked at the person, ready to respond to their questions when he saw that it was Suranne.

He smiled at her as he spoke. “Yeah but it makes things more fun this way love. Have to actually interact with one another.” he grinned at her as he took his cooffe. “How are you by the way? Long time no see” he said. He took the coffee and made his way over to a table in the corner by the windows, making sure that Suranne watched him so she would be able to come over and sit with him if she wanted. 

"Bloody hell, Arthur, is that you? I barely even recognized you!" she laughed. "I’m good, really good actually, thank you. How’s life treating you?" she asked. She picked up her tea and biscuits, following Arthur to a recently deserted table. "I hope you don’t mind me joining you?" she asked.

When she got the nod of approval from Arthur, she slid into the seat across from him, smiling softly. “How did you find out about this place?” she asked, sipping her tea. The shoppe was downstairs from her flat, so she had a tendency to frequent it and read over scripts her agent insisted on sending her, even though she tried insisting to her agent she wasn’t coming back to work yet. 

Drinks, Food and Apologies || David and Suranne


David had been reluctant to say the least, when he heard from Suranne. They hadn’t spoken properly since he had left the teahouse rather abruptly after their conversation about his trip to Paris and her pregnancy. So he couldn’t really be blamed for being reluctant to meet her for drinks. However, he decided that now was the time to take the high road and meet her and try to bury the hatchet concerning the two of them once and for all. He missed her after all and they hadn’t gone this long without speaking before. He changed into a pair of jeans and one of his screen printed tshirts before leaving and locking up the flat for the night. It was a nice enough night that he walked to downtown Vancouver in search of a decent pub for them.

It didn’t take long for him to find a place that was cozy and homely and much like his favorite one back home. He entered and found a booth at the back of the pub, sliding into the seat and sending Suranne a text with the address and how to get to the pub before motioning one of the employees over and ordering a pint of beer and some of the greasiest finger foods available, feeling the need for a greasy meal for the evening and then waited for Suranne to arrive, his eyes on the door.

Suranne got the text from David of where to meet him. She kissed Paul on the cheek before letting him know she was going to catch up with David, and grabbed her purse and jacket and headed out. The pub was actually close to her new flat, so it only took her a few minutes to walk.

Stepping inside, she glanced around and spotted David nestled in a booth in the back. A smile graced her features as she wandered over and slid into the seat. “Hullo you,” she grinned, winking at him as the waitress approached. She glanced up and ordered a sprite as well as some french fries and onion rings before turning back to David. “How have you been?”

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Wi-fi-less coffee shop (Suranne+Any)

Suranne wandered into the coffee shop on the corner of her block and spotted the sign on the counter. She couldn’t help but chuckle and realized that was part of why she loved this place so much- they had a sense of humor and encouraged people to interact.

She ordered a tea latte as well as a treat before moving to the end of the counter. She glanced around, trying to scope out a spot to sit and relax before turning back to the person next to her. “Could you imagine? No wi-fi?” she laughed softly, showing that she was trying to make conversation, not actually complaining.