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Celebrity Vancouver: Living Life in the City of Glass

Our city is made of glass, as are our lives, and there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves.

Celebrities tend to live in glass houses, always on display. A constant feeling of pressure to look perfect, act respectably, say what we’re told, not think for ourselves, do what the public wants us to do, and most importantly: Resist throwing stones at others. Isn’t it ironic, then, that we find peace and solace in Vancouver, the City of Glass?

Welcome to Vancouver, the City of Glass, which hides those whose lives have become over-exposed.

Our game differentiates itself from other celebrity games out there because we focus on:

  • Chemistry of characters rather than traditional “Ships.*
  • Character Development
  • Writing Skills
  • Interaction among all the characters
  • Plenty of events and starter ideas to keep the game active
  • Weekly starter prompts
  • Weekly writing challenges
  • City info- we give you plenty of places for your character to see and places to visit, that way if you’ve never been to Vancouver, you at least still know of restaurants to eat at, malls to shop in, etc.
  • Radio- completely interactive, allowing you to add requests and dedications to your rp experience
  • Approachable moderators- We are easily accessible and more than willing to listen to any suggestion you have for the game!

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